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Chromeo - Old 45’s

"If you think romance is dead & gone, find an old jukebox full of 45’s, pop a nickel in it, & dance with me.."

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The biggest coward  Follow best love quotes for more great quotes!


The biggest coward
Follow best love quotes for more great quotes!

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Ricepaper magazine Needs Poetry and Prose for Special Speculative Fiction Issue - Pays up to $250



Ricepaper, a quarterly Canadian literary magazine published since 1994, has issued a special call to receive submissions for an exclusive Speculative Fiction issue, to be released in December.

This issue will be guest edited by accomplished writers JF Garrard, author of The Undead Sorceress (Dark Helix Press Inc., 2014), and Derwin Mak, co-editor of The Dragon and the Stars (Penguin Group, 2010).

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I started singing some City and Colour songs in the shower and said, “Now I have to listen to Dallas Green” and my husband said, “At least it isn’t Coldplay.”

Ever notice how when you’re in  a relationship you learn to love each others tastes in music, art, films, etc? My husband and I both love music, books, films…yet we don’t share taste in books at all, we rarely enjoy the same film (though I won’t lie, some of my all time faves are epic films that you just have to love, and he has loved every one I’ve shared with him so far. The Good Girl, Drive, and a few others) Yet when it comes to music, we tend to mesh quite well and enjoy each others music and even some of the same music. Seems we both have a penchant for 80’s music such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, Tears for Fears, even Fleetwood Mac. The only music he loves that I can NOT stand is David Bowie. 

I can’t stand David Bowie. I used to love some of his music, stuff like China Girl … but now the sound of his voice just AHHHHHHHHHH. 


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And isn’t it great to find that you’re really worth nothing
City and Colour - Day Old Hate (via tellmewhatmyfistskeepwriting)
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Love of mine,
won’t you lay by my side,
and rest your weary eyes,
before we’re out of time.

Give me one last kiss,
for soon, such distance,
will stretch between our lips,
now the day’s losing light.

City and Colour ‘As Much As I Ever Could’ (via lxnewolf)
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city and colour